Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

As a premier Cosmetic Dentist in Fallston, Dr. Lembach has helped thousands of patients throughout Fallston with his high tech Arts & Science approach to transform their smiles with 100% long term success rate.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In order to achieve such a long lasting ultimate smile, the following key principles need to be followed without exception. If one of them is skipped, the result can be disappointing and harmful:

First -The absolute most important key principle of all, and unfortunately the most often skipped phase by too many dentists, is proper planning. The planning phase is called Occlusal Analysis and it includes taking photographs and impressions to make study models of your teeth, which then would be mounted on an articulator (like a surveyer) with the help of bite records from the mouth in order to survey the mouth functions in all directions. Then, a mockup treatment in the form of a wax-up is actually done on those models in order to come up with the best scenario for long term success

Second -Communication. It all begins with listening actively and understanding exactly what the patient needs and wants, followed perhaps by a computerized Imaging of the end result. Phase 1 & 2 are done in the lab and can be somewhat time consuming and laborious on the part of the dentist, but crucial to the success of the treatment.

Third -The dentist needs to be an artist with a keen eye for detail which is readily apparent in Dr. Lembach’s landscape photography throughout the office. The art part of the equation is what makes a smile beautiful.

Fourth -The Lab Technician needs to be a master as well in his Arts & Science.

Fifth -The science is the math and engineering principles which need to be adhered to and not violated under any circumstance--in other words, NO SHORTCUTS. The science is what makes a beautiful smile long lasting.

Sixth -The most up to date proper technology needs to be used effectively.

Seventh -The dentist’s experience in excellence is an absolute must and should be running neck and neck with the most important key principle above.

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