Here at Dr. Lembach office we are very proud to be using digital radiography as opposed to conventional x-rays. One of the greatest advantages of digital x-rays is the reduction of radiation to our patients - usually 70 to 80 percent. This reduction in radiation exposure is especially important when multiple x-rays are required.

When taking a digital x-ray the images are available for viewing by the dentist and the patient within a matter of minutes. Immediate viewing of the image is a significant clinical advantage in accomplishing many oral procedures. We also have the ability to enhance and magnify specific areas of concern for a more precise diagnosis.

One of the most useful advantages of digital radiography is the ability it gives our dentists to send images to other practitioners in a matter of minutes, even while talking on the phone. There are various ways to send an image, but the commonly used e-mail method is one of the easiest.

We also have the ability to scan any x-rays a new patient might bring with them to our office. In this way, we are able to view these x-rays right alongside any new digital images we would take in our office. We are able to take both individual images and a panelipse, which is an x-ray of the entire jaw. For more information about panelipse images, please read "Panelipse X-rays" under services offered at Dr. Lembach.

With all of the new technology available today, it is most important that we consider not only what is important for our office, but what is best for our patients. Digital radiography is one of the best decisions we've made.