Just imagine being able to actually see what the dentist sees when he examines your mouth.

The technology explosion in dentistry has created a practice environment not experienced before. With the images produced by the intra oral camera patients can see each of their teeth, and the dentist can indicate problems such as broken teeth, plaque and assorted tissue conditions. Here at Dr. Lembach office we have found that the intra oral camera has accelerated our level of care, our ability to diagnose and treatment plan, and our ability to involve our patients in the entire process.

Most intra oral cameras are capable of magnifying images at a significant level. This can be a valuable tool in allowing the dentist to see things that wouldn't easily be seen without this level of magnification. At Dr. Lembach office we have the ability to project these images on a computer screen visible to the patient. Allowing the patient to see these images encourages their participation in the diagnosis and treatment of any dental conditions they may have.

The intra oral camera also allows us to have a permanent record of a patient's condition before we begin treatment. This can be quite beneficial for cosmetic cases. The intra oral camera can save patients a significant amount of money by detecting problems before they become a major investment in the patient's time and finances.

We're proud to be able to offer the use of intra oral cameras as just another source of technology that sets Dr. Lembach apart from other dental offices.